Playback + chart

» We spent a tense evening listening to the playback of Nicole’s in-progress album. We got through the approval/disapproval process of the guitar/piano elements I added last week. Now more overdubs and then a final mixing session.

» Dreambeat is finally charting this week (#4 on CKXU). Which is a relief since I thought I’d misjudged what people originally liked about The Urbane Decay.


3 Responses to Playback + chart

  1. tng

    i only like 7 season crucher, he is fat and will eat yummy aliens

  2. ms_dirtnap says:

    Did I introduce you to G-G? I looooooooovvvvvvveeee it. It had me cracking up so hard when I discovered it, but no one I sent the link to seamed to care.
    ps, I want you to help me lay down some techno beats for the soundtrack to a project I am working on. But when I am really ready I will tell you more. Although, it might be easier to just get someone local to help.

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