Empire + Chocolate

» I had to abandon the Orson Scott Card novel I was reading. I’d actually wanted to check out Ender’s Game as I’d heard yet another conversation about how great it is, but it was snagged off the shelf by this other guy seconds before me so I got Empire instead. Which is horribly written, horribly plotted and entirely right-wing reactionary patriotism to cap it off (it’s about a near future red state vs. blue state American civil war). I kept thinking, it must just be just this character and eventually he’ll introduce other characters with opposing points of view later and there’ll be interesting dialogue about American politics. Not so. The worst part is he characterizes the main character as moderate and not a head-up-his-ass conservative soldier. And his supposedly Democrat wife is actually very much a conservative. It’s like Card had never talked enough to liberals or a moderates to even be able write the character. Anyway, that was clearly the “trashy novel” the Dove Chocolate Fascists wanted me to read. Sorry DCFs, I couldn’t do it.


7 Responses to Empire + Chocolate

  1. pandorsalfin says:

    Ender’s game was totally good. By far Card’s best book/series.

    • mrdapper says:

      It was also, I believe, his first book. I stupidly went for the most recent. I am more curious to read Ender’s Game now because I can’t believe the author of Empire could have written anything worth the love people throw at Ender’s.

      • charenton_ says:

        Ender’s Game was pretty good, considering Card is a completely right-wing Moron, er, Mormon. Haven’t bothered to read anything else in the series but that was enough for me 🙂

      • mrdapper says:

        Ah… mormon… some of the rhetoric in that book makes sense now. I kept picturing the main character as a buff Gorner for some reason.

  2. aporia says:

    lost yer edge??

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