» Another overrated but potentially good movie, come to think of it, done-in by contrived coincidental character interconnections was Babel. Though a case could be made three of the story lines did have relevant connections. Obviously the shepherd family and the Brad Pitt family are actually part of the same story. You could even make a case for story of the deaf girl in Tokyo (whose father gifted the gun to the shepherd) to be legitimately tied-in to the middle eastern story. But other than showing there can be connections between unrelated people, in environments as radically different for each other as possible, the two stories do nothing to illuminate each other by their interconnection. The problem is in the coincidence of the Mexican nanny / Brad Pitt’s kids story being as equally as violent and dramatic as the story taking place in the middle east. It just feels contrived and takes away from both stories and further makes you wonder what the Tokyo story has to do with anything anyway. Also, the Mexico story is arguably more interesting than the rest of the movie and perhaps could have been expanded into its own film more successfully.

» Speaking of contrivance, I am of the opinion that Amy Winehouse’s crackheadedness is a media spectacle masterminded either by herself or by her handlers or both. I’m not even convinced she actually abuses substances but instead has a make-up connection at Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. It’s all just too public, too many photo-ops timed too perfectly apart. Of course, the truth is probably that she really is a crackhead and is just savvy enough to exploit it the whereas junkie musicians traditionally have tried to hide their addictions. There’s just something insincere about it.

11 Responses to Contrivances

  1. aporia says:

    the real connection between the stories is that they all center on parent/child relationships, and, i think, the message that maturity is about showing your vulnerability to someone, though the vulnerability of the nanny doesn’t result in a transformation, she just loses her home and her american family, which shows life doesn’t all get wrapped up in a pretty package. although… i guess there is that scene where her son collects her after her ordeal so i guess maybe we’re supposed to hope that they’ll also be brought closer together.

    • mrdapper says:

      Yeah, the parent/child relationships were a throughline, but a throughline a movie does not make. I meant my poin to not that there weren’t conenctions, but that the whole “kidnapping” Brad Pitt’s kids story jumped the shark. Either the mom gets a stray bullet in the middle east or the mexico story happens. It was just too much to happen to one family on one weekend. If it wasn’t the Pitt character’s kids, I wouldn’t have had a problem with it.

      • aporia says:

        When you get shot in the middle east it’ll probably mess up other things. =) The kids had nowhere else to go because their parents were in the hospital. I think that’s reasonable.

      • mrdapper says:

        reasonable, but unlikely. the Pitt family must have been assholes if they had zero friends/neighbors who could watch the kids for the day. apparently one out of town aunt was the only option to taking them to mexico.

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