Shhhh… don’t talk in the library

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» Went to the Spring Open House at the Toronto Zine Library last night. I don’t know what it is about Toronto, but people don’t know how to throw socials and mixers. Though, to be honest, if I didn’t know key people at Blackball and &Loan events, would it have been any different? It’s probably a mild xenophobia that afflicts art-nerds everywhere. 

Anyway, I arrived and the organizers and one of their friends were watching TV. Granted it was a DVD of a TV show about a girl who makes a zine (Our Hero), but I felt like I was intruding in their rec-room. I wasn’t exactly “greeted” at this meet’n’greet. This carried on, as people trickled in, ungreeted for the most part, for two episodes. Finally, they shut that down and I actually had a conversation with someone (a girl who made a documentary about the Halifax zine library they were going to show later). It was actually a very awkward conversation in which I made the quip, “I expected this to be a collection of very shy, painfully awkward people… and I was right.” This was after a lull in our own conversation where I noticed there were about 20 people in the room, not talking. Which would have been fine if more than a third were actually reading the zines and not just looking at the floor or fiddling with their shoelaces. 

Things got more animated when the girl with the guitar (the “mystery musical guest”) started playing her set and broke a string in the first song. This really brought things together for the group as they went into problem-solving mode. Unfortunately, they found a string before I could make my exit and couldn’t get away until in the middle of her really quite awkward set when everyone suddenly raided the snacks table like ravenous sharks. Quite an evening.


6 Responses to Shhhh… don’t talk in the library

  1. sounds like you should pack it in and move back!

  2. at the time, as a new person in nanaimo, previously coming from toronto, i found the blackball shows to be high spirited and fun. i met lots of people. i met you at my first black ball function at the legion. i always have found quite a few ontario people to be stuffy and uptight and hard to meet. it wasnt untill i moved here that i started to find it easy to meet people. and at the &loan, although people tend to be shy and akward, there is still the expression of eagerness to connect in most peoples eyes as you randomly try to make eye contact.

    • mrdapper says:

      i remember you being very cold towards me at that legion function. my experience here as been, generally, people are more open and friendly and laid back than on the west coast on a purely one-to-one basis. but simply don’t know how to do it in larger groups. i’ve really only tried to go to two events though. ha. so, really don’t have much of a basis for opinion.

      • yes i probably was, i have a hard time being warm to people i dont know, its only once ive known them that i thaw out. self preservation i guess…
        also you are a little hard to get at first contact, although very indearing. sometimes i didnt know if you were laughing at me or with me.

      • mrdapper says:

        yes, i’m much more reserved on the outside than i’m being on the inside. i probably was laughing at you though. i laugh at everyone. but i mean it in a good way.

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