Spin + spun

» “AMSTETTEN, Austria (Reuters) – Austrian Chancellor Alfred Gusenbauer said on Wednesday the government planned to launch an image campaign to restore its reputation abroad after an incest case that shocked the world.”

And just when they’d gotten over that “Hitler thing” too… I think it’s too bad the media has focussed on the whole sensationalized sex/incest aspect of the story. It seems to me the incest part is only a part of the larger picture (obviously a horrible, shocking part). But that six people have been raised since birth in a cellar is a pretty fascinating occurance. It’s the whole “forbidden experiment” scenario again. What kind of society did they create down there? What will their preceptions of the outside world be? Just how alien and fucked up are these people? But from reading headlines you’d think the incest was the worst they experienced when I’m sure it’s only part and parcel of a whole spectrum of abuse that went on down there.

» This is often the sound inside my headphones on the way to and from work.



11 Responses to Spin + spun

  1. atrophe says:

    amy winehouse gross

  2. ghosty_toast says:

    this morning while reading the paper i saw his picture and was all stoked that there was an article about boris karloff. oh well.

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