Fritz, mail, spring, death + icecream

Perch BW crop
Originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

» I’ve been getting deja vu watching movies lately. To the point where I’ve been wondering if I’d seen them before, at some point, at least in part. But since I know for a fact I’ve never previously watched Joshua, I suspect my brain is about to go on the fritz.

» Seems Canada Post is in cahoots with the DCF (Dove Chocolate Fascists) as one of their employees mailed us a whole bar of the milky goodness.

» Suddenly, the trees are greening up, I see. It’s kind of freaky how fast it’s happening.

» I can’t remember if I mentioned I agreed to be the executor of my uncle’s estate. I agreed on the condition he does not die within the next three years. I also want to secure his screen-printing equipment, which I’m assuming is being left to me.

» Yesterday, since the heat was still on at the beginning of the week, the building management gave us all icecream. That was kind of a feeding frenzy gongshow int he lobby. This was after a “donut meeting” in the morning with our new interim team leader.


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