Accomplishments, suspect + mix

» Things I accomplished this weekend
a) causing someone on my friends list to delete their journal.
b) finished my new The Urbane Decay EP (titled Dreambeat). Or got the mixes to a point I’m okay with them. I suppose I will “release” it tomorrow. Being new release tuesday.
c) bought a brown toned striped apparently “70’s style” golf shirt which I’m wearing right now. Nicole says the kind worn by Mr. Furley though I’m sure he never wore anything other than leisure suits. I think it’s more Magnum P.I. I may grow the accompanying moustache.

» Apparently I fit the description of the suspect/dad in the Merritt shootings: “He was a short man, five foot four inches. He had a balding spot and [was] wearing a black hoodie.”

» This week’s mix is twelve songs randomly selected by putting my work computer iTunes on shuffle.


4 Responses to Accomplishments, suspect + mix

  1. Anonymous says:

    actually, that shirt looks more like something Herb Tarlek, from WKRP in Cincinnati, wore on occation.

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