Hangy, Spinny, Charty + Muxxy

» I’m wondering if the issues surrounding the looming tranzit strike got resolved because suddenly, after a week of fear-mongering, the Toronto Star has nothing to say on the subject. Not even “talks continue” or “don’t worry, you’re not completely fucked this week.” Nothing.

» Pen Spinning is the new Parkour.

» Strangely fitting for April Fool’s Day, my Ghostmoon + Spiritsun CD is #1 on the Loud charts on CJUM 101.5 MHz – Winnipeg this week. The “loud” charts? Seriously? Lucky for me, acoustic folk-improv is what passes for metal in Winnipeg…

» I muxxed a tape. Though it’s not a tape at all, really. In fact it’s 8 minutes short of a C-60 tape. I suppose I shouldn’t begrudge free web services. Made me miss being on Pins of Light. Not that this would ever be a Pins playlist. I suppose my own show would have been called Misera-blissed. I suppose that’s what this mix is called. [ http://arachnidiscs.muxtape.com/ ]


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