Saving daylight, a break from crowds + comebacks

» It is far too early to save daylight. If for no other reason than I had a very dark, very cold walk to the subway this morning. I almost lost both thumbs. Stupid Americans.

» March break means the TTC is less busy. Toronto could do with a few thousand fewer people.

» Having spent a little time with the new Bauhaus album I have to say it’s a pretty amazing job they did replicating an actual Bauhaus album. It really does sound like the follow up to Burning From The Inside. Which it shouldn’t considering how the music of the component parts has evolved over 25 years. It’s hard not to feel a little cynical about the thing; hard to tell if that’s how they naturally play together of if Daniel Ash wasn’t thinking, “Well, when I’m in Bauhaus I do a lot of this kind of guitar stuff and better put a sax in one song,” while Peter Murphy was saying, “I guess I should reference T.Rex and death a lot in the lyrics.” It’s hard not to want to feel that way about it except it doesn’t really let you. Probably because, similar to their heroes Bolan and Bowie, at no point in their career have Bauhaus not been a ridiculous parody of themselves. 

Portishead have also made a convincing follow up tribute to themselves. Third sounds exactly like a follow up to 1998’s self-titled disc, though more abstract with fewer immediate hooks. They also build on some of the british folk sound Beth Gibbons explored with Rustin’ Man while at the same time actually incorporating electronic elements into the mix (it always bothered me they got shelved in “electronica” when, really, there’s nothing electronic about their music aside from a few samples). You can tell they were aware fans were so gagging for new material they could be as dark and experimental as they wanted. My fears the new album would be an MOR slick cash-grabbing Starbucks compilation ballad-fest have been assuaged.

Now if the rumoured new My Bloody Valentine album actually sounds like My Bloody Valentine, I’ll be a happy man indeed. Barring that, the new Jesus and Mary Chain record not being utterly atrocious would be nice.

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