Fire + snow

» The theme of the week seems to be fire. Jane Subway Station was on fire the other morning when I got there. And, of course, there was the little matter of Queen Street burning down yesterday.

» This morning we were kept awake by the snow plows clearing the snow banks along the sidewalks. The plow itself didn’t make much noise but it was the warning beep (like those used by delivery trucks when they back up)  that sounded like an alarm clock, only louder. It seemed to go on for about an hour. But one supposed it had to be done and not having three foot high mounds of mucky ice along the road would be a welcome thing. I did notice though, when I walked down to the subway station, they’d for some reason only plowed directly in front of our house. And though there were no longer snow banks, an even layer of slush and mud was now spread carefully over the previously beautifully cleared sidewalk.


3 Responses to Fire + snow

  1. maybe the sidewalk plow will come tonight and pile it back up.

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