53 MONDAYS on a Wednesday evening

Originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

» So my new Urbane Decay CD is now “released” I suppose as I’ve posted it on the Arachnidiscs Online Store. That counts as released in my books anyway. 

» The snow is hampering my PLOG distribution plans. Though I intend to do so tonight. Mail-outs will be made tomorrow, noonish. The snow is not hampering the mail-out plans, my laziness is.

» This morning on the elevator there was a girl in a red jacket who was hyperventilating. I think she must have been late for work and had run several blocks. She was leaning, cheek squished against the mirrored walls panting loudly, creating steamy patches around her mouth. Kind of like a husky that’s been pulling a dogsled across the tundra. It made the other girl in the elevator and I very uncomfortable. She scanned through her iPod and I stared directly at the scuffed chrome doors as if the girl in red wasn’t near the point of collapse. 



2 Responses to 53 MONDAYS on a Wednesday evening

  1. Anonymous says:

    good lord, did no one ask her if she was OK? she could have been having an asthma attack or some such thing…oh dear.

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