Corrigan + Igby-Potter

~ I was so engrossed in Jimmy Corrigan, Smartest Kid on Earth last night I missed five subways stops on the way home. 

~ Last week a guy said to me on the subway, timed to be as I was getting off, “Is that an official Harry Potter scarf?” My reply was, “Uh. No.” He then said, looking down and to the side, unable to make eye contact apparently, “There’s no Hogwarts logo on it?” I explained it was “hand-made” and then got off the train. 

Then yesterday I was riding the elevator with a very posh looking young man who said, “Awesome Harry Potter scarf.” I tried to explain I intended it to be an Igby Goes Down scarf, but he had no idea what I was talking about. He claimed he only knew what a Harry Potter scarf was because of his son, which i doubted. But then he must spend so much time on his hair every day he wouldn’t have much time to watch movies. It was some seriously impressively coiffed hair.

Doppelganger update :  Celebrity edition

Schizophrenic (or cracked out) Master T on the bus laughing like a maniac and beatboxing kitchen appliance sounds.

Gandhi – looks like he’s gone back to his law practice and is doing quite well wearing Armani.



7 Responses to Corrigan + Igby-Potter

  1. Anonymous says:

    that very well could have been Master T…

  2. bootybrown says:

    I thought you wrote MISTER T at first.

  3. mollyroyal says:

    oh dude you need to come by soon and see south asian billy connelly. he is always rocking the dundas street near the dundas west station

  4. ghosty_toast says:

    i picked up jimmy corrigan at the local second hand/really good deal for new stuff bookstore for five bucks! i have since cursed chapters. i should have long ago.
    and yeah, it’s great!

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