CD stuffs

 ~ Though I’m still finalizing the actual zine part (which seems merely secondary), the PLOG Issue 004 CD is ready. It’s rather more impressive than the Ramshackle X-mas compilation (I did in 2001) with 22 tracks that span three countries, two continents and pretty much the gamut of recording fidelity. We recorded one of Nicole’s songs for it too and it turned out really well, which I’m quite happy about.

~ Also finished mixing/mastering the 53 Mondays album. It wasn’t as infuriating mastering 53 songs from 53 sessions as I expected. I got it done in two only sessions. As oposed to Crushed which took me about two weeks and a dozen CD-Rs to get seven songs to sound roughly like they belonged together and in the right order. Which I never really did.


2 Responses to CD stuffs

  1. bootybrown says:

    Going on myspace any time soon? I’ll play this on the rrrdio.

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