Vacant, literate + foamcore

~ The TTC is still almost empty. I guess in the new year it’ll resume its regular pakt like sardines in a crushd  tin box status. Speaking of which Radiohead is the perfect commuting music. Though I can’t locate my MP3 player so I have to hum to myself. Which is fine because the TTC is empty of people to think I’m crazy these days. Every time I step into a nearly vacated TTC station I can’t help think, “Zombie apocalypse…”

~ I’ve decided to love the library. And not just in a lip service way, but actually using it this time. Though their books and videos set off alarms everywhere else you go. “No, I’m not a shoplifter, I’m literate!” I’m reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, never having done so before (and that new ridiculous set of Bladerunner being released made me think of it). The book is much more Paul Verhoven and much less Ridley Scott. In cinematic terms.

~ For the first time since leaving school I’m putting together a presentation mounted on foamcore boards. I still think “foamcore” would be a worthy musical genre. But can’t fathom what it would be. Maybe everything would be mixed to sound like you’re listening to it through a pillow. “Unicore” on the other hand, I still maintain, is a better name for “posi-core.” Or perhaps a sub-sub-genre of posi-core dealing with more disco beats.

5 Responses to Vacant, literate + foamcore

  1. Anonymous says:

    I like that book a lot. Good choice for holiday reading! Happy New Year Jake!


  2. “foamcore” makes me think of a 50s high school dance band playing in front of an undersea-themed backdrop with bubbles, frothy waves, and tritons. maybe the band could be playing that “sea of love” song.

  3. atrophe says:

    i went to my library and got that graphic novel Black Hole woot. they have a few.

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