~  I know it’s x-mas eve and everyone is probably busy with family stuff. But I really need someone to tell me WHAT THE DAMN HELL HAPPENED AT THE QUEENS LAST NIGHT. In specifics.


5 Responses to Vague-a-thon

  1. ratboyrich says:

    Which part? The part wher the King got booted for crowd(7 or 8 people) surfing but then lwt back in? the part where Brent tried to tear a strip off the owner of the Queen’s by letting him know on no uncertain terms that if he threw anymore people out for having fun, that “we will take this show outta here and never come back!”? Or maybe the part later when Brent took an empty beer bottle and hurled it at the back of the stage missing dave Blackman’s head by a mere foot or so? Maybe the flex down between Adrian and a guy who may or may not have been Dolph Lundgren is what you’re wondering about?

    Yeah, it was an interesting 23rd to say the least. We missed your calming influence Jake.

  2. kenholiday says:

    brent got fucked, and has hopefully apologized to the queens today… as he has claimed he was going to. nick attempted to stop a guy from pushing around his girlfriend, and ended up with a bleeding smashed face. ann dams attempted to stop a bouncer from killing dave, and was also smacked in the face. lauren was pushed by a bouncer. the soundman called me a ‘fucking asshole’ and that if i tried to play a guitar in the queens again there’d be ‘trouble’…. i dunno.. .many many other things happened that the poeple they happened to would probably rather not have told around… i went across the street before the shitstorm touched ground.

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