Xmas, reward + hot-tub

19th Floor E
Originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

~ Sometimes when I’m on the train, and it makes one of its above ground appearances, I see down into snow covered back yards of these old neighborhoods and it reminds me of the neighborhoods in A Christmas Story. Which makes sense as it’s set in Michigan so the houses should be roughly the same. Anyway, makes me feel christmas nostalgia for christmases that aren’t technically part of my childhood except in the movies.

~ Seems I got Nathan a job at the CBC. Or at least gave him a lead that lead to getting a job at the CBC. So he bought me dinner. In reality, Nicole found the job lead. So I basically stole her commission.

~ Yesterday afternoon I overheard in a nearby cubicle a guy asking someone, “So are we supposed to put the three-men-in-a-hot-tub on all our stuff now?” The reply was, “Yes, the new logo is being used in the new year.” He snorted and said, “Huh. Three-men-in-a-hot-tub… Okay.”

3 Responses to Xmas, reward + hot-tub

  1. atrophe says:

    I can reimburse Nicole somehow at the climbing gym, if she’s still into that. Tell her I was planning to start in the new year.

  2. nathandrama says:

    a christmas story was filmed mostly in st. catharines. those neighborhoods you are thinking of are actually the neighborhood i grew up in. for real.

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