12A + rebirth

 ~ The mystery of floor 12A is solved. It’s the Environmental Assessment and Approvals Branch. Which is slightly less than not very exciting. They haven’t added Ontario’s terrifying new logo to their website yet.

~ Ontario is rebranding itself. It guess it doesn’t want to be seen as “Ontario, a solid and reliable if not a little square and stuffy place to live” anymore. The old logo [below] is admittedly a bit stodgy. But friendly in that safe kind of way your parent’s conservative friends are.

The new logo [below] repositions Ontario as a “dangerous and spiky place to live.” It appears to involve three hapless souls caught in a blender or three people with black palm-crystals awaiting rebirth on the Carousel. I suppose you could take a cozier view and see cult members joined in a loving embrace singing campfire songs.


11 Responses to 12A + rebirth

  1. it also reminds me of that hot-tub scene from “boogie nights” with mark wahlberg, burt reynolds, and that other guy, who i think makes sexual advances.

  2. nathandrama says:

    that’s been the ontario logo my whole life. it makes me nostalgic.

    • mrdapper says:

      i don’t know why they wanted to change it.

      • atrophe says:

        all they needed to do was remove the ugly frame around it and update the colors. but no they gotta resort to the People Holding Hands in a Circle Non-Profit Logo

        also they apparently paid 220K for it. corporate identity always struck me as being blown way out of proportion by practitioners trying to justify their existence.

  3. atrophe says:

    first you squish it, screw it, then turn it all around. squish it, screw it, then turn it all around.

  4. bootybrown says:

    Hot-tub 3-way was the first thing that came to my mind, too.

  5. sophitchka says:

    BC recently changed their logo as well…from the provincial coat of arms to a lovely scene of mountains and water and a sun rising, and the words underneath read: “The Best Place on Earth”. So we ordered all this letterhead with the new logo, only to find out that we couldn’t use it on most correspondence, because when you are writing to someone to explain why they can’t have more funding, or why there aren’t enough day care spaces, or why there are too many foster kids in the system, it would be kind of like a kick in the pants to state that they are indeed, living in the best place on earth.

    • mrdapper says:

      yeah, i had to question that the first time i saw it too. quite a claim. “most beautiful place on earth” they could have gotten away with. but “best”… hardly.

      • pandorsalfin says:

        I actually HATE the new slogan so so SO much. It’s so fucking arrogant and american sounding. THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH? Hardly.
        Also, it sounds too much like the snapple slogan.

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