Tales of the 19th floor.

~ The girl who occupies the cubicle next to mine eats yogurt all day. The tonk-schick-tonk-schick of scraping the bottom of the tub is incessant. I was wondering if the fact my skin is in a constant state of crawling was due to some other catalyst. But since she was away today and my skin didn’t crawl once, I think I can begin my internal dialogue of bitching about the yogurt eating in earnest. No pussy-footing around anymore. It’s time to get primeval with the quiet, private, secret ire.

~ Our building has a 13th floor. It doesn’t call itself 13 but 12A. It’s a very popular floor. Everytime I take the elevator, someone gets on or off on 12A. I’m not sure what’s on 12A but it looks bleak. I can also network to printers located on 12A so it’s part of the Ministry. Strangely there is no 12B. There is a 12 which I think should be 12A and 12A should be 12B. I might alter all the elevators with stickers to this effect.

~ This morning a homeless man was standing outside the building singing. As I approached I could hear him intoning, “It’s beginning to look at a lot like…” and as I passed he turned to face me and continued, “getting a kick in the head.”  I carried on without listening to the rest of his rendition.

~ I snuck into the office beside my cubicle to take pictures of the view. When the owner returned, their nose in some papers, and looked up to find me hovering behind their desk, she shrieked.

[The view in question] 

12 Responses to Tales of the 19th floor.

  1. atrophe says:

    what part of toronto is that

  2. nathandrama says:

    that all sounds being john malcovichish. or something like that.

    if you ever get near the water there i’d really enjoy a photo of across the water at the little blot of almost tall buildings and mostly the heaviest patch of smog across the lake. that’s where i’m from.

    not the really heavy smog to the far right from the beach. that would be hamilton. the smaller patch to the left of that. that’s my place.

  3. sophitchka says:

    I too am curiously irritated when I hear people in other cubicles eating yogourt. My reaction is “ew, gross” for some reason, even though I like to eat yogourt myself. I just don’t like it when other people eat it.

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