November 7, 2007

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~ Today instead of working, or looking for work very hard, I created and opened an internet store for my neurotic panda creations. I call them PANDANOIDS. They’re cute. They’re creepy. They have crazy eyes. They’re plastered over all manner of t-shirt, bag and greeting card.

I wouldn’t have created so many different shirt options except since I’m opting for the free service, I can only put one design on each type of item. Oddly the golf shirt and the baseball cap are not supposed to be available, as I deleted them, but are still on the order page taunting me with their crappiness. Oh well. Another day of unemployment well spent/wasted.

Plogging + TV

November 6, 2007

~  Seems doing a zine in Toronto is a hard business. So far I’ve found only two places to carry PlogPages Books & Magazines and Rotate This, both on Queen Street West. That’s not a lot of coverage. The guys at Pandemonium (don’t carry zines but) suggested I try a near-by coffee shop which leads me to think I’ll have to try a few other coffee shops as outlets. “Good luck trying to find a zine in this city,” he says.  I also left a few in empty racks at TTC stations. No wonder people put their zines online and started writing blogs. 

~ Bell Canada just called and tried to get us to sign up for TV service. To preempt the sales pitch I told her we don’t own a TV. She said, “Wow. What do you do?” I said, “Read.” She said, “Well, that sounds like fun,” and thenYou’re going to need a TV for the winter. It gets pretty boring in the winter.” I said, “We haven’t discussed it yet.” She said, “Ohhhh-kaaaay.” Then launched into the sales pitch just in case we buy a TV.


November 5, 2007

~ Today I worked my first shift as a freelance graphic designer for one of my placement agencies. One of the first things I got to experience, before I’d been given any orientation even, was the big boss-man Joe coming into the room and saying to me, “You busy? The thing I hate most is seeing Freelancers not doing anything. It just makes me hear the sound of money evaporating.”  My first thought was, “Dude, not my problem.” I think I said, “Oh, totally understandable.” Then the production coordinator explained the work flow situation and Big Joe left in a huff. I think I heard spurs jingling angrily down the hall. Basically I sat at a desk and was handed files which I would open, change one line from something like “Coming Soon” to “Now Available” and then hit save, print, export to PDF and then documented the time I spent doing so. I got paid a ridiculous hourly wage for this. Which explains Big Joe’s mood in the morning. That and there really was no reason at all for me to be there.

Dumped + PLOG

November 1, 2007

PLOG: P[aper b]LOG
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~ Yesterday I got a call from the job I was hoping I would get. It would have been a great fit, good money and a fun challenge. As I knew was likely, someone with more experience applied. The woman who interviewed me was, I could tell, sincerely sorry she couldn’t offer me the job and went a little overboard reassuring me I’d find work right away as I “had so much to offer.” I felt like I was getting the “it’s not you, it’s me” speech. I feel so cheap spreading my portfolio for them just to be tossed away when someone more experienced comes along.

~ PLOG is ready to go. I just need to figure out where I’m going to distro it here in Toronto. Google isn’t offering up much info on the Toronto zine scene. Other than Rotate This, I haven’t seen anywhere stocking zines even. I guess just like MP3s killed CDs, blogs killed zines. Eventually all our cultural artifacts will be reduced to ones and zeros on the internet and alien archaeologists won’t be able to figure out a single thing about our extinct species because all the laptops were erased by the electro-magnetic pulse that accompanies whatever way we manage to wipe ourselves out.

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