Interviews, commerce + weather

 ~ I got called-in for a third interview with the company from last week which I thought wasn’t interested in me. I’m going to go just in case things don’t pan out with my other two prospects. Plus I get paid, supposedly. They’re taking their time choosing someone. I wouldn’t surprised if everyone they’re interviewing doesn’t get offered jobs at other companies before they get off the pot. They’d be better off just hiring freelancers.

~ I have decided on three locations for PLOG to be available at in Toronto. Pages Books & Magazines on Queens, Another Story Books on Roncesvalles and Good Catch General Store, also on Queens but at the other end. They’ll also be carrying Pandanoids merch once it’s manufactured.

~ I got caught in a sudden blizzard yesterday. People went nuts. They started screaming and running in all directions. It was kind of like War of The Worlds only with freezing rain instead of aliens.

11 Responses to Interviews, commerce + weather

  1. atrophe says:

    It was probably nothing like the flash monsoons in Hali that’d come and go in 5 minutes, and make it look like you’d jumped in a lake. Happened to me twice in the freaking summer. Horrible place.

    Also I recently rewatched the 2000’ish WotW and really enjoyed it. Minority Report was still pretty meh though. Turns out the same guy did the cinematography for those, A.I., Saving Private Ryan etc. Was wondering why they all had the same cold gritty look.

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