More snow, books + head-hunters


~ It’s snowing today. I don’t have boots yet. Or a parka. I’m going to die. Also the landlord was supposed to supply us with a shovel but never did. 

~ Yesterday I saw this guy reading Spook Country on the subway. I really wanted to ask him if it was any good. I didn’t. I can;t bring myself to talk to strangers on public transit. I really wanted to ask though. He didn’t look like to sort of guy whose opinion I’d respect anyway. I’ve been reading a really terrible sci-fi noir book from the library that’s been making me want to read some William Gibson again.

~ I’ve been reading a book of conversations with Charles M. Schultz. He was an odd guy. A real mixture of contradictions. Humble/arrogant, broad/closed-minded, giving/selfish. Like anyone, I suppose.

~ Head-hunters have been tracking me down via my Monster and Workopolis resume postings lately. They’re an odd breed. Never have I had the insincere politeness layed-on me so thick. But since I haven’t heard back from the place I interviewed with on Monday, I’m not saying “no” to anything and, as the woman said yesterday, “I tell you what. Why don’t we set up a face-to-face? What have we got to lose anyway?”

3 Responses to More snow, books + head-hunters

  1. Anonymous says:

    it makes sense that headhunters are odd – they hunt heads for a living…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I would avoid talking to people in the city as well. CREEPY!

  3. mrdapper says:

    i generally try to avoid talking to people period. but that causes problems sometimes.

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