Job, wrap, Beth + Plog #2

~ I survived my reality-show style job interview competition. That’s not to say they offered me a job. Or gave much of an indication one way or the other. The big bossman gave me kudos for being one of four “hand-picked” out of over a hundred applicants and I “should be proud of that.” Which I took to possibly be his way of letting me down easy or not getting my hopes up. If I get this job, I get work in beautiful downtown Etobicoke… though actually in kind of a neat art complex the company is building.

~ There’s a small chinese grocery across the street we go to called Alfredo’s. In the back is a Croatian-run deli. Today an extremely young blond boy wrapped up my chicken breast. He was the first person there to actually wrap meat properly, immaculately, in two different types of wax-paper no less. 

~ Today I bought that Beth Gibbons & Rusting Man CD I didn’t care for when it came out assuming I was mistaken and foolish back then. Turns out I was indeed both foolish and mistaken as it’s phenomenal (and mysteriously $2.50 cheaper than the sticker price). It’s my new favourite album of all time. For this week anyway. I’ll probably be back to listening exclusively to In Rainbows and Oblivion With Bells again next week.

~ PLOG #2 is finished early so I’ll be able to distro it in time for the first of the month. It’s christmas themed.

4 Responses to Job, wrap, Beth + Plog #2

  1. atrophe says:

    I’ll help you distro this weekend if you wanna.

    also does your Gibbons album have the 4 bonus live tracks? can send those

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