Snow, interviews + mistaken identity

 ~ It snowed a little this morning. A few flakes. When I felt the need for an americano, I wore shorts to the Java Joes which almost caused a man to crash his car when he did a double-take in the intersection.

~ I’ve been going through a strange interview process with a company here. The first interview was with two other applicants and was more like an information session about the company — more like we were potential investors (or, frankly, potential dupes in a pyramid scheme). We pretty much had to insist he look at our portfolios. Then they had us do a take home “exam/assignment.” Then they emailed me asking what my pay expectations were before saying if they’d confirm me for the second interview, pointing out over a hundred people applied which seemed to suggest I should bid low. I did not bid low so I suspect they won’t call me in for the second “practical”  interview which is essentially a reality-show style competition against five other applicants to fill two or three spots. 

~ Looking for work just keeps getting more surreal. I was also contacted yesterday by a placement agency I’m not affiliated with regarding web-design work. When I explained I don’t do web, the man was very confused and stopped himself just short of accusing me of lying. Obviously he had a sheet of paper in front of him that stated with certainty I was was a web designer. I was confused about who he was and how he came to be phoning me. He said, “I guess we misdiagnosed this one!”


2 Responses to Snow, interviews + mistaken identity

  1. atrophe says:

    i’m never getting back to that guy YAY! fuck temping

    i’m coming over sunday

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