Insomnia + sewage

~ I’ve been having trouble sleeping lately. We suspect I’m going batty with the unemployment. Though I am keeping myselfbusy updating my too many internet habitats. For instance I created an online store for Arachnidiscs yesterday. I’m not sure why Arachnidiscs would need an online store but maybe it will in the future. I also updated the Arachnidiscs homepage. All between the hours of 11pm and 1am last night. I also got to check up on my Pandanoids orders. Some random person from California bought a “Love” shirt. That’s kind of awesome. My first anonymous sale.

~ There’s a truck doing something with the sewers, I think, out front right now. It’s making a head-splitting jet engine whining noise right now. I think that’s my cue to go for a walk. 

3 Responses to Insomnia + sewage

  1. Anonymous says:

    bearing your soul fully

  2. ms_dirtnap says:

    I think that person meant Bearing your soul furry.

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