~ Today I worked my first shift as a freelance graphic designer for one of my placement agencies. One of the first things I got to experience, before I’d been given any orientation even, was the big boss-man Joe coming into the room and saying to me, “You busy? The thing I hate most is seeing Freelancers not doing anything. It just makes me hear the sound of money evaporating.”  My first thought was, “Dude, not my problem.” I think I said, “Oh, totally understandable.” Then the production coordinator explained the work flow situation and Big Joe left in a huff. I think I heard spurs jingling angrily down the hall. Basically I sat at a desk and was handed files which I would open, change one line from something like “Coming Soon” to “Now Available” and then hit save, print, export to PDF and then documented the time I spent doing so. I got paid a ridiculous hourly wage for this. Which explains Big Joe’s mood in the morning. That and there really was no reason at all for me to be there.


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