~ Yesterday after my interview at the ad agency, which went really well by the way, I saw an odd thing on the train. There was this group of 12 or 13 year old girls who got on, probably 15 of them, with some kind of chaperon. I say “some kind” of chaperon because she barely acknowledged them and seemed to be alternately trying to visibly remove herself from them or steal their seats. She didn’t try to reign-in their behaviour at all, or herd them when they got to their stop. So, when they got to their stop, the kids spent so much time horsing around five of them didn’t make it off the train before the doors closed with that portentous cha-chunk of “you’re not getting off this train.” Hilarity ensued as the kids who made it onto the platform pointed and laughed at their stranded sisters who giggled back at them, shrugged and made a plan to get off at the next station then double-back. When they got to the next station, though, only four of them got off. The fifth girl just stood their staring at the open doors and calmly, blankly watched them close behind her classmates who had already skipped halfway down the platform lost in a world of giggling. After the train started moving, the girl walked down to the next set of doors. She got off at the next stop. I think she just decided to fuck the lot of them and go home. I thought: That kid. Is awesome.  

~ Today I have another interview with something called Health Force Ontario. I guess super-hero doctors need graphic designers too. Which gets me to thinking about X-Men and how an awesome story would be Dr. Xavier meeting with a design firm to work on their branding. I’d like to see someone pitching the name X-men to him after he fired the first firm for pitching Mutant Justice Knights and a big M-in-a-shield logo. 


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