Asses assessed, god’s goods + applied arts applied for

 ~ Yesterday I was interviewed by a design placement agency. Their InDesign assessment somewhat kicked my ass. Or the test was overly anal about hard vs. soft carriage returns. Either way, asses were involved. The woman who’s representing me there, my agent, seemed lukewarm on my abilities as well as my existence on the planet as a human being. Today’s interview with another agency went much better. My work and existence were both appreciated to a much higher degree. I also scored much higher on the software assessments.

~ Tomorrow morning we’re going to a church sale then heading off to Etobicoke to pick up a missed Purolator shipment of Nicole’s. 

~ I have an actual job interview for Senior Graphic Designer on monday with a company I apparently applied to. I can’t find any record of that, but I must have in my frenzy of applications. I went a little crazy with the indiscriminant job applications last week. 


5 Responses to Asses assessed, god’s goods + applied arts applied for

  1. Anonymous says:

    ooOOooo what are they called??

  2. nathandrama says:

    smarties is having a contest to redesign their box.
    i believe the compensation is either nothing or maybe some free smarties.
    actually i think it’s just nothing.

    more seriously, as a design professional, how much do you think we should reasonably pay someone to do a record cover?

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