Walk, memory + witnesses

~ Went to Nathan’s apartment today. It’s very sparse and yellow. There’s an armada of bicycles in the back yard. We walked down to the Queen/Bathurst area because I needed to buy a canvas. They’re doing something inexplicably crazy to Queen/Bathurst. Namely tearing it right off the face of the planet. I seriously walked a million blocks today and my feet are letting me know.

~ The requirements for one of the jobs I applied for was a “significant use of memory.” I hope I get an interview for that one just because it’s intriguing.

~ Some Jehovah’s Witnesses, a Chinese lady and a Caribbean lady, visited me this morning. The Chinese lady was trying to convince me the world is going to hell and that their beliefs could help me cope. I kept telling her I wasn’t worried or lacking hope and she kept telling me how bad things are. I told her I didn’t think things were that bad, really, compared to past ages anyway. She brought up the middle east, I brought up the Crusades. She brought up recent increases in poverty, I brought up the entirely of human existence before World War II. The Caribbean lady seemed to find our philosphical volleys entertaining. Then I told them I was Taoist and the Chinese lady looked like I’d pulled a knife on her while the Caribbean lady looked like she needed a coffee or a smoke. We parted on good terms but I refused their pamphlets.


One Response to Walk, memory + witnesses

  1. Anonymous says:

    adventures in unemployment

    I’m always amazed by what you get up to while i am at work. Most people sit around listless and unhappy when they are unemployed, but not you, no, you have ADVENTURES. ha.

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