Jobs, wraps + graves

 ~ I applied for some jobs today. One might have been the job Kat just left. A very similar situation if not. Another wanted me to do an “exercise” to show how I’d approach a design problem for a new line of theirs. Seemed kind of like a lot of work to fight for merely an opportunity to interview for a merely OK looking kind of boring job. Also seemed like they were perhaps fishing for new design ideas without actually hiring any talent. Also turns out they’re so far up Jane St. they’re actually in Concord. 

~ I made wraps tonight for the first time in a while. Still glad Carissa slipped me the Delicados chipotle recipe before I left or I’d be hankering something fierce for the south-western chicken flavour.

~ I’ve finally gotten on the Six Feet Under train a few years late.


3 Responses to Jobs, wraps + graves

  1. charenton_ says:

    Delicado’s in Vancouver is right across the street from my work and I eat far too many southwest roll-ups and think of Production Sundays. Damn, they are amazing.

  2. dorothypoo says:

    i thought alot about telling you to apply but i finally decided you would utterly hate hate hate hate hate hate the work environment. my co-workers were nice you also work with all the people from lobby. imagine working inside the pressroom or whatever the lame skank club is in nanaimo with all the skanks constantly gossiping and yelling and talking and all the dudes constantl hitting on them and coming to work in the morning with a rye and coke still on your desk and little traces of coke next to the toilet paper in the bathroom.

    anyway, i thought of you, but decided you could better.

    • mrdapper says:

      Yeah, that sounds hellish. Free rye and cokes though… No worries, I’ve found a billion job postings so I hope someone starts getting back to me in the next few days. Something awesome will come up.

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