Gravy, fun buddy, art + lonely people

 ~ Last night, at our upstairs neighbors for thanksgiving dinner, Nicole and I were talking to one neighbor at the end of the table when our attention was drawn to a kerfuffle at the other end. Our other neighbor was leaning over the carrots towards her boyfriend (who moved to Canada from Scotland at the age of two) yelling, “Yeah, well your people fuck sheep!” He retorted, “Are you calling yourself a sheep?” to which her response was, “At least I’m not an immigrant!” She works with immigrants, helping them find work. He works for the gas company and when his job takes him into the more ghetto areas they have to bring cops with them because people just shoot at them. “Nobody likes the gas company,” he says. He also speaks almost exclusively in sarcastically cocked eyebrows and disgruntled lip contortions. The food was delightful. The gravy very much so.

~ Nathan lives in Toronto now. We have plans to explore around the city this week and probably get ourselves shot. He gave me a great idea for a light table which is making me re-evaluate the desks I vetoed at Ikea before. Nathan apparently is going to become a guerrilla stencil artist.

~ Every time people come over they rave about my artwork. It’s quite uncomfortable. 

~ Everyone I’ve met in Toronto seems really lonely. Even the people who have friends.



3 Responses to Gravy, fun buddy, art + lonely people

  1. Anonymous says:

    i resent that.

    this is probably the least lonely i have ever been in my life actually.

    when is your housewarming by the way?

    you two should meet me for lunch sometime this week.

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