Move + socials

 ~ Tomorrow’s the big move. Well, medium-sized move. But long in distance (21 subway stops to be exact). We might be without intertubes for up to four business days. That’ll be a challenge.

~ Last night was the birthday celebration of one Jenn Scott (aka 

). After a terrifying elevator ride, there was some confusion about which door we were supposed to be knocking on. Behind door 66 there is an entirely different J. Scott. That was the wrong door to go to but thankfully fake J. Scott wasn’t home. We eventually figured out the proper door to knock on.  We drank drinks, ate cake, talked about pirates, sang Happy Birthday, and marveled at how Jenn and Matt‘s blender has a Slurpee-machine type spigot. It was good to get out and interact with some familiar faces since most of my social interaction of late involves me saying, “Yes,” to the query “Will that be all?” as I’m handing someone behind a counter money for goods. Occasionally I might get to add to the discourse the  assertion, “Debit,” when they are eying the card I’m holding in my hand to which they might say, ” Stripe towards you.” Not once last night did anyone in the room ask me if I had Airmiles.

~ Today the social interaction continued with the return of Big Al and Kate. When Nicole‘s friend Danielle asked why he didn’t have more wrinkles, Big Al said, “Black don’t crack.” He also told us how to take down a wolf with your bare hands. Kate gave Nicole a stuffed pug which I’m hoping will act as a surrogate and not an incitement for a real pug.

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