Bed + deaf

 ~ Today I bought our mattress set. When I walked in there was woman laying on one of the beds near the window. She was laying on her side cradling the pillow and she looked like either her son had just died or she’d seen how the world will end. It didn’t seem like anyone knew she was there. Turns out we missed the mix’n’match sale by one day but they guy gave the bed to us for the sale price and he “fast-tracked” the delivery for us. I suspect that was a little bit of the old salesman smoke-n-mirrors but who cares. We got the bed at the price we wanted and delivered within a day of when we need it. I did forget my umbrella there though. When I left the lady had decided the bed was very comfortable but she need to test a few more. I guess when you’re shopping for a bed to spend all day being miserable in, you really want to pick a good one.

~ I had to change the reservation on our moving van.  When I was waiting for the Budget dude behind the counter to get off the phone, a guy walked in and handed me a pen. It had a note attached to it that said, “I’m deaf, please give what you can.” When I looked up he had two fingers pointed in my face. He was either telling me off or suggesting a twoonie would be an adequate donation. I gave him back the pen. It wasn’t even a new pen.

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