Sick 2 + Busted Nut

decorative study 06
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~ I definitely am sick today. Only not very much. I do have a few more symptoms than yesterday which makes me feel more justified in watching various Star Trek episodes and drawing bloodshot eyes. In case anyone was wondering, people violated the prime directive in yesterday’s Enterprise just as I predicted. Today the prime directive made it through three episodes unscathed. Of course there were two episodes that involved mind-control. Quentin Tarantino is on Alias right now.

~ I took Nico‘s guitar in to get repaired because it has a busted nut. Turns out the guy who works there grew up in Qualicum too. Anyway, he told me to take it home and crazy-glue it back together. Which was fine except then I was burdened with this guitar when I’d planned to do a bunch of other stuff downtown while they worked on it. So I went home. I guess I’ll get that other stuff done tomorrow. Like buy that mattress set so we won’t be sleeping on the floor in our new apartment next week. 
Fish’n’Chips for dinner tonight! Yum!

2 Responses to Sick 2 + Busted Nut

  1. i thought the prime directive was only in next generation

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