Sick, Sci-Fi + Nostalgic

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Originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

~ I’m sick today. Or possibly not sick. certainly fatigued with burning eyes. You might be able to call that sick. WebMD seems to call it lyme disease. Whenever I use WebMD to check my symptoms, I have some terrible, life-threatening illnesses. Only I never actually have them.

~ Since I had no energy I watched some TV this morning. Clark Kent was challenged by the Green Arrow to get off his ass and start being a hero. Lt. Worf’s brother (Paul Sorvino? How does that work?) violated the prime directive (because that never happens in any given episode). Right now Kirk and Spock are on that Nazi planet where some guy was violating the prime directive. I turned it off as I’ve seen that one a few times. I might watch Enterprise at 4pm though. I bet someone violates the prime directive. Posting this seems to be sapping my energy. I’m practically nodding off as I type this. This illness would be a lot more rewarding if I actually felt sick.

~ All the photos at various internet repositories of the Newcastle Racoon Fest thing have made me a little homesick. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with me.

5 Responses to Sick, Sci-Fi + Nostalgic

  1. mollyroyal says:

    totally.the pictures part, except the one where they were playing the spit beer into eachothers mouth game.

  2. aporia says:

    found bill’s flickr. where are the others?

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