Delivered, sick + planned

decorative study 03
Originally uploaded by Ampersand Photography.

~ When my mom sent my portfolio off in the mail, I signed up for an email notification on the tracking page so that I’d know what day I had to hang around for the delivery. They don’t really track the progress of the packages it seems because when I checked the site it said “received at post office, Qualicum Beach” and then nothing so I figured it must still be in the prairies. Moments later a frail old guy was knocking at my door with the portfolio in hand. Today I got an email informing me that the package had been delivered to me yesterday.

~ Jeff, our roommate, has the flu. I’m thinking this means he isn’t driving us to IKEA this weekend.

~ If all goes as planned, I’m having lunch with Kat tomorrow. Then I’m running a series of errands. Soon Nathan moves to Toronto. Exciting.


2 Responses to Delivered, sick + planned

  1. dorothypoo says:

    and then your meeting everyone at the Cadillac Lounge around 11pm. its late but that when jen gets off.

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