Waiting, walking + arting

» My mom express-posted my portfolios to me on monday which means today and probably tomorrow I have to hang around the house waiting for them to show up. Doubly annoying as I don’t think I’ll be doing anything with them before we move into our new place anyway. I think it made my mom feel helpful and like I’m being proactive about looking for work. Speaking of portfolios and being proactive, I made a temporary portfolio site at carbonmade.com visible HERE» I got out of the house yesterday. I hadn’t done much exploring of the city last week so I went looking for a few of the record stores I’d found online. I was curious about She Said Boom Records and Books and it was relatively decent for a small, purely used-product store. There’s another location in Roncesvalles I might check out later when we live on that side of town. The other shop, Around Again, which got some good reviews online, was closed as it appears to be for half the week something the reviews failed to mention. I walked around the outskirts of Chinatown a bit hoping to find a cheap gong. I did not, but I did find a nice large sheet of handmade paper.

» I’ve been doing some painting to occupy my time here. 


6 Responses to Waiting, walking + arting

  1. Anonymous says:

    She Said Boom is my favourite! I love browsing around there, then meandering down to Soundscapes and listening to stuff on headphones.

  2. mollyroyal says:

    she said boom on roncesvalles is a bit more books then music. i usually find something…but that could be a good stretch too.
    there is the most intense polish music store on roncey too. they have two little speakers outside blasting polish music.
    i have tried to go in, but gotten to scared and not.

    if i didnt work 13 hour days everyday, i would love to go adventuring.i never really did it.

  3. dorothypoo says:

    wanna go for lunch tomorrow? around 1pm or 1230pm? I could meet you downstairs outside at 192 Bloor. Its right across the street from the ROM on Avenue i believe. I work above a bar called Lobby that is black and looks really pretentious ironically next to McDonalds. so let me know. or friday. not monday though.

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