Sunday, saturday + friday.

 ~ Yesterday we went to the IKEA in North York. When we were waiting for the shuttle from Leslie Station we noticed the IKEA was in fact across the street. We debated walking there but then the shuttle came. We made the mistake of getting on the shuttle. It took a whole half an hour to drive us about a hundred yards. When we left, we walked back to the station and it took probably less than five minutes. We had quite a good lunch at the restaurant and we bought a nice garlic press, etc.

~ On saturday we had cake and coffee at a polish bakery (I think) called Futures in the Annex (pretty awesome cakes and pies) with Nicole’s friend and then did some unsuccessful housewares shopping. We came home and Nicole made chicken soup. 

~ On friday we attempted to meet Katherine and Matt for dinner in a rain storm but that didn’t work out for various reasons. I have yet to see any of my friends in Toronto. 


3 Responses to Sunday, saturday + friday.

  1. aporia says:

    boy, you sure complain about rain a lot, yo.

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