Grilling + cops

 ~ I’m pretty sure the landlord, Eva, at the new apartment doesn’t want to rent to us. She grilled us hard. She grilled us like salmon over some hot coals. We are, after all, risky tenant candidates in a lot of ways. We hardly know each other; one of us just started a job, the other is unemployed; I just moved to this huge city from a small BC town for the the first time; our reference (Nicole‘s work friend Stephanie) has only known Nicole a few months; we look suspiciously younger than the ages we’d given, etc, etc… it was, as Nicole put it, a gong-show. 

~ I had a dissociative episode in the city yesterday. Apparently it may have freaked Stephanie out. I think I will stay indoors today, if possible.

~ On the way to Coxwell station yesterday I saw a cop car box a woman’s SUV into her driveway when she pulled in. He’d been waiting for her around the corner. She was dressed for the gym and looked annoyed and confused while the cop stood five paces away talking to her with his hand resting on his weapon. Then Coxwell station itself was swarming with cops but whatever had happened was wrapped-up and they were mostly joking with each other and the TTC guys. Whatever it was made the trains slow.



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