Paint, groceries, heat, dream + doom?

~ Holding to my unemployed artist stance, I’ve been painting the past few days. I figure I’d regret taking the opportunity while I have the free time once I start working. Oddly though, I’m never inspired except when I’m working or busy and have less time to create. Perhaps when I have free time my mind is continually discharging ideas and creativity and I need to be psychically hemmed-in in order to have bursts of concentrated inspiration. 

~ Yesterday I walked down to the IGA on Danforth and Pape. Grocery shopping in Toronto is bullshit. There’s small grocers like Mr. Hooper’s on Sesame Street every ten feet but when you’re trying to buy specific items for specific meals you have to go to two or three different outlets. Nicole warned me about this. It’s baffling Torontonians put up with this nonsense.

~ It was the hottest yesterday it’s been since my arrival but it wasn’t unreasonably so. I’m hoping I missed the summer heat / humidity altogether.

~ Last night I had a dream we were back in Nanaimo and there was an earthquake and all the mine shafts collapsed. It was chaos. Especially since the mine shafts were open as tourist destinations. I escaped, my mother did not because she went back in to save the cat. I eventually made it past all the sink holes to meet up with Nicole and Katherine and a few other people at Basque where we discussed who had died in who’s families. Ken showed up with encrusted blood all over his face but wouldn’t tell us what happened.

~ Yesterday I bought shaving cream. Today might be the beard’s day of doom.


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