Last night

 ~ Tonight is my last night in the 415 and my last night in Nanaimo. I suggest checking the dumpster outside my apartment for random treasures. We got dinner from Manza Vinos. Which is perfect for a disgusting last supper in the neighborhood. We moved my stuff to my parents house in coombs. I am beat. I should have sold ALL my records and CDs. Owning them at all now seems simply retarded. Owning more than a dozen, that is. Owning music by people I don’t know seems silly too. Owning things like graphic design books seems like a form of masochism. Owning stuff is owning me. I may never send for it. We’re having a bonfire of old art and journals tomorrow night. Kill the past.

~ Matt bought the painting of the ex-girlfriend who tried to poison me.

~ Ken was almost killed by a smoothie and we had dinner with him the next day. He was near death and grumpy. Or possibly dazed.

~ Nicole scoured the apartment while my dad and I ran stuff up to Coombs. Nicole is a hero.

~ Tomorrow D. Gertie M-Puff goes to Coombs from where she’ll be picked up by her new owner, Michelle. Who is a nice lady. Who is divorced from a cop and likes cats a whole lot.

~ Last night Lauren, Adam and Kirstjanne picked up two truckloads of loot. That was also goodtimes.

~ I think I own too much stuff.

12 Responses to Last night

  1. Anonymous says:

    Good luck…

    Good luck, Jake.

    Pat R.

  2. johnnysega says:

    Good luck with everything. Keep this journal rolling to keep us amused and entertained

  3. aporia says:

    i repeat, ken said it’s not my fault.


  4. mollyroyal says:

    moving far away teaches you how unimportant stuff is. i have to have a real clensing this xmas break when i return home for a visit.

    Good luck on the move! i cant wait till we can all hang out!

  5. dorothypoo says:

    soon you will be ready to come over to the darkside…..

    thanks for missing my birthday jerk

  6. Good luck with everything, Jake. The neighbourhood won’t be the same without you.

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