Sold + Souled

~ Ramshackle last night went, as most things seem to these days, a little better than I hoped. People actually bought my paintings. I had almost decided to not bother with the art sale portion of the evening but instead it went exceptionally well. It was a pretty emotion-filled evening and even ol’ stone-hearted me got a little misty a few times. It will be a really nice memory to take with me to Toronto. You don’t really realize how bonded with people you are until you move away and feel the tug of those ties. I have to say I’ve managed to surround myself with a lot of really nice, good people. 


17 Responses to Sold + Souled

  1. Anonymous says:

    It was lots of fun Jake. I am sorry I missed your set with Nicole, we both had to get up early. We love the art!


  2. pandorsalfin says:

    Jake! I was actually thinking of coming to Ramshackle just because I never get to see you, but I am sick and actually never even left my bed yesterday. Whatever this illness is, it has kicked my ass real good. Not too many days left until you leave… 😦

  3. cokenail says:

    good luck jake! are you back for the 23rd party?
    if not, i’ll catch you in the t-dot!

  4. i still have dibs on “poison girl”

  5. atrophe says:

    Nicole does music do? that’s rad. you need to release an album with a really bad 70’s duet cover portrait.

  6. ninjaj says:

    I really wanted to make it up there, sorry I couldn’t! You know, work. Can’t believe you’re leaving … but good on you for getting out of Nanaimo, and good on you for getting out for such an awesome reason. Sniff, sniff.

  7. Anonymous says:

    ramshackle was so good i went twice

  8. Anonymous says:

    I was all set to put Blood Lust in the den/guest room…but Mike correctly pointed out that it could make guests a little…nervous. We may actually put it in our room, or in the foyer…the other is in the hallway leading into the bathroom. The yellow looks great against the red wall.


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