Mini-vans at mini-bazaars, Sister Ray RIP + shackled rams

» Yard sales are funny things. I made just enough money for it to be worth the effort. If it hadn’t been for Ken, Jenn and Tracy early-birding the night before, it may not have been. Still, people came and bought stuff. I find it kind of strange that people drive around frantically on saturday mornings going to these heaps of unwanted debris for sale. Lots of them obviously only had limited time to waste on our piddly bazaar and they made it know with their brisk gait as they got back in their mini-vans and SUVs.

»  The very last Sister Ray set ever went… ok. It was awkward and tense but luckily only half as awkward as Wax Mannequin so people probably forgot. Or at least, was genuinely awkward insteadof a carefully crafted act. Oh right, we also got our most noisy, loud, fuzzed-out and dischordant. One total douchebag came up to me and asked if I “played with a key.” I thought maybe he meant a house key for a pick and when I asked him this this he said, “No, in a musical key.” And when I said I we did, he said disbelieving me, “Which one??” Apparently he liked it. Douchefucker. We’re recording tomorrow. A cd which should be available at the below EVENT:

4 Responses to Mini-vans at mini-bazaars, Sister Ray RIP + shackled rams

  1. i think at the show i said “any feedback is good” but i retract that. what a horribly annoying and pointless question.

  2. ratboyrich says:

    fucking music snobs!

    Wait, it wasn’t me was it?

  3. ms_dirtnap says:

    Bob said that Kristjanne said that Ramshackle was tonight, and I spent five whole minutes being mad at you for not mentioning it.
    I think that, even though I barely talk to you, I’m going to miss you, Jake.

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