Sale, time, completions + duos

~ This saturday (11th) Helen/Steve and I are having a yard sale at Cooper’s (601 St. George — across the tracks from blockbuster / just north of Coyote’s Cafe). I daresay anyone wondering when they might have an oportunity to buy my small household items, furniture, gadgets, books, cassettes, gear and boardgames should consider this the oportune moment. 9am-ish until noon-ish. 

~ As per usual when I’m unemployed, my internal clock slows to a near standstill. If I ever started smoking pot, I think I’d actually start moving backwards in time. I can’t believe it’s noon already. I’ve been up for hours and it feels like I just rolled out of bed. 

~ It looks like before my departure I’ll have the 12th in the 12 CD Babel series, that was begun with Heavy Moon, completed. Sister Ray and Die Schadenfreude are also supposed to record before my departure. In my unemployed coma, It seems like a lot of effort. 

~ I realized Ramshackle: The Long Goodbye has a theme. A few themes, actually, but other than the main theme of throwing myself a goodbye party, the theme is also “Duos.”  Though I think one act might be a trio and one a mono. That’s on the 23rd. Details to come this week.

10 Responses to Sale, time, completions + duos

  1. dorothypoo says:

    so when are you moving here? i am preparing myself for the inevitability that you will never call or hang out with me once you move here. do you have an 8 track player with the pump handle like the yellow one i used to have? can i have it if you do?

  2. pandorsalfin says:

    I definitely need to see you before you go. I may never see you again 😦

  3. it’s completely nihilistic how many records you release

  4. kenholiday says:

    and yr supposed to record the efe band

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