Rockery and nerdery

~ Practiced with EFE last night for a show with Johnny and The Moon at the &Loan on the 7th of July. It was strange hearing myself play those songs. Stranger, I actually knew how to play two of them (more or less). Something to that osmosis business I reckon. Kristjanne has plans to ursurp my position. She told me to my face. Also on the 14th I’m playing at Noise Nanaimo (same venue) with Gown and Partli Cloudi as guest with the reunited New Yaki, I believe. I assume no rehearsals will take place for that.

~ One good thing about going through my records is listening to those records I bought months ago and never got around to putting on and being a little shocked to find out Parliament’s Osmium is amazing and gorgeous and totally a keeper. Also discovering that records I put some effort into hunting down, like that Telex record, are total bullshit. That’s pretty funny and really puts the whole record collecting thing into perspective. 

suggested to me, if I’m trying to really thin out my collection, that I only keep the records I know I’d have trouble finding ever again. Andrew suggested to me I get rid of those records too and only keep a small selection of the ones I really will listen to, no matter how common. I’m trying to split the difference between these two pieces of advice. 

The next question is for the favourite albums I own on both CD and LP, which format do I keep? It seems to go on a piece-by-piece basis. When will I want to listen to the Smiths? In the living room or in the car or at work? Does the CD have bonus b-sides included? Is the record a bit worn? Is it the kind of record that surface noise sounds good on? If I own the complete albums CD box set, should I bother owning the records at all? Will I want to include some of those songs on mix CD’s later on… Maybe I should buy an iPod and digitize my Smiths / Cure / Banshees / etc. CDs and keep the records…. Or get rid of everything and actually enjoy going to record stores again. Owning every record I ever conceivably wanted really put a damper on that…


19 Responses to Rockery and nerdery

  1. dorothypoo says:

    you make good money now. just take everything with you and figure it out later. start collecting 8 tracks. which by the way, i was totally looking forward to getting my old 8 track player from my parents house when I moved here and then discovered it was one of the many stupid things I got rid of when i moved to halifax 😦

  2. You never can tell with records. Some of my favorite records are the old second hand worn copies of ravi shankar and psych stuff – things you know that some hippy listened to while they passed out from the hash. YOu can just hear their special depraved haziness in the grooves.

    Meanwhile nowadays some vinyl pressings of awesome records just lack a certain something, a weird hollowness that only comes out from actually listening to them – which in your case would take a long long time.

    Personally I would suggest you store a few boxes at your parents – that way when you come back to visit at christmas or whenever, it’s like opening up a special forgotten vinyl present from santa god!

  3. I hope you don’t mind about the usurpation. It’s only that I really want to play the guitar and get sort of down-feeling every practise watching everybody have fun playing music while I bash away at that fucken tambourine. Y’know?

  4. atrophe says:

    Unless you’re partial to their cases burn all the cds to high quality mp3s. could put your entire collection in one CDR spindle. Hell could even save the paper case books/covers and flatten them. Or make a collage~

    Saving the records makes sense but there’s no noticable difference between CD and well done mp3s.

    • atrophe says:

      also when helping matt move I realized vinyl is fucking heavy

      • mrdapper says:

        That’s the crux. Vinyl is heavy and I never actually listen to it, but I’m attached to the artwork, who “package” aspect of an album… so I’m burning some CD’s and keeping the records in those cases. Or keeping the lighter weight CDs and not lugging the records… it’s a pickle.

      • mrdapper says:

        And I meant “whole” not “who”… I don’t like “The Who” aspect of anything.

  5. mollyroyal says:

    in regards to cds. i totally collapsed the cases and put the cds on a spindle. You have to do this or you will have the heaviest luggage in the world. for real. most of my records are in BC still. i cannot decide what to do. i want them here, but wedding through them is pretty much the most difficult thing to do. so i left them in my moms basement. which also is pretty funny since i havent listened to them in well YEARS.

    I go through stages of “it all fucking goes” to “keep only what i love” to “what can i pretty much never get again”. reality is unless its like a homemade thrift store record, you can get it again, theres a market. it’s the dorky moments you cant get back.

    • mollyroyal says:

      i meant weeding, not wedding through.

    • mrdapper says:

      Yeah, you see, that’s the thing. I know if I sold ALL my records and most of my CD’s, I’d be happy owning a couple dozen CD’s. Sabbath and Pet Shop Boys. In reality. I know this. I think it’s the years I spent accumulating the library I have a harder time letting go of than the paper and plastic bits themselves.

      • Anonymous says:

        A wise woman once said to me “never own anything you don’t love or find useful”

        notice the purposeful use of the word LOVE, not like in that statement.


      • mrdapper says:

        I think I’ve pretty much said the same thing to people. Deciding what you “love” and what you just “really like a lot” is the trick.

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