Birthday partying, lame pirates and yard sales

~ It was Nicole‘s birthday on saturday. I’ll be a gentleman and not divulge her age. Not being able to spend it with her, I celebrated her birthday by going to a matinee of Pirates 3 — which was truly, not surprisingly, horrible — and then getting maybe a little too drunk at Ken’s. 

~ As mentioned, though I’m sure this not news to anyone at this point, Pirates 3: Asleep at Sea, was terrible. Though Pirates 2 was disappointing in the same way Temple of Doom was — a dumbed down and sensationalized version of the original which balanced dumb and sensational just enough — Pirates 3 fell prey to the most dire of sequel pitfalls. That is turning a simple, self-deprecating adventure tale into a globe-spanning epic with a cast of thousands which takes itself far too seriously while coming off as lazy at the same time.

It also felt unbalanced as the humour was dumbed down to exclusively cartoonish kid-friendly sight-gags while the violence and sexuality were amped up to an adult level which perhaps pushed the limits of what might be considered appropriate for a summer “family” film.The witty banter of the original was even more conspicuously missing than it was in Dead Man’s Chest and the entirely self-referencing attempts to bring it back felt tacked on and ill-timed.

It goes without saying that, with the exeption of perhaps Jonathan Pryce, the entire cast phoned-in their performances. It almost felt like the the rest of the cast were laughing at him because Pryce didn’t get the “don’t bother trying this time, the money’s already in the bank” memo. Also, if they could have worked Keith Richards into the plot in a more clumbsy way, I’d like to know how.

~ I’ve started packing and organizing for the move. Mostly that has meant weeding records. I’m going to do another pass as I still have seven crates on my shelf. I need to get that down to at least five and I honestly can’t really see why I’d need even as many as two. Which is kind of shocking for someone who spent a few years being a completest crate-digging record hound.

I’ve started to see all the things in my apartment I need to get rid of which I hadn’t even considered before. Things like my kitchen table. And about nine of those cheap pine utility shelves. The kinds of things you don’t ever “see” because they’ve become part of the environment. And I haven’t even opened my closets yet. I don’t want to imagine the heaps of trash in there. 

Mel and I are considering having an “Internet Girlfriends Yard Sale” to divest ourselves of all this dross and dreck. We might have bands play and the whole thing. Come and purchase the detritus of our lives, the flotsam and jetsam of living in one place for too long. Everything must go!


13 Responses to Birthday partying, lame pirates and yard sales

  1. pandorsalfin says:

    I’d come, and I’d purchase your moxie.

  2. cokenail says:

    got yr cds today, thanks! man you are prolific…!
    also, i agree re: pirates…half the movie i kept whispering to amanda, ‘who’s that guy again?’ …subplots upon subplots…when do you go??

  3. aporia says:

    “I’ve started to see all the things in my apartment I need to get rid of which I hadn’t even considered before.”

    I don’t think we were talking at the time but I became so frustrated with the absurd amount of objects when I was getting ready to leave Calgary. I finally snapped and said, “COATHANGERS! Do you take them?! Do you leave them?! They’re too small to justify not bringing and too cheap and insignificant to justify keeping when you’re getting rid of almost everything you own!” I don’t remember who I snapped at but they probably didn’t get that I wasn’t really talking about coathangers, there’s just so many possessions you find yourself faced with, weighing their value, usefulness, and size & weight. It forces you to be hyperconscious of your environment, which is somewhat like being autistic.

    This post also reminded me of the ginormous whiteboard I was using for a kitchen table and how I couldn’t find a home for it because nobody could lift it!

    • mrdapper says:

      I’d forgotten about the whiteboard table! It needed more whiteboard penning done on it. I guess it was always piled with books though…

      Yeah, my small objects like cloathes-hangers (et al.) I think I’ll be good about being able to jetison. It’s my RECORDS that are kicking my ass. Jack advised me to consider getting rid of anything I know I’ll be able to find again and just keep the rare stuff, even if it makes my collection look really strange for a while. So basically he’s saying I should get rid of my B-52’s record (I might actually listen to) and keep the Bob’s Your Uncle (I’ll never listen to). So I’m now getting down to the tough decisions.

      • aporia says:

        the whiteboard got some use. i couldn’t possibly have filled it up, though.

        i think the records you’ll never listen to would be happier if you didn’t hang on to them out of a sense of obligation.

      • mrdapper says:

        I think you’re right. I think I’ll be happier too. Which is more important. I’m getting into the thinning spirit now.

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