TO trip, part 3. Not much of a story.

~ WestJet sent me a reminder this morning that I’m catching a plane home on Sunday. I didn’t appreciate this concrete intrusion into my Taoist “living in the moment” zen fantasy that this trip is going to last forever. I’m having a good time, though not really doing anything. That’s not much of a story.

~ We went to Honest Ed’s yesterday. I started getting the spins about three quarters of the way through the building. There’s a fun-house mirror there that made Nicole and I look like dwarves. We made a cute dwarf couple. Honest Ed’s makes you feel sad about humanity in nine different ways every direction you look. That’s not much of a story.

~ We went to dinner with Katherine, Matt and Nathan to a bistro/pub called Hair of The Dog on wednesday. Best halibut and chips I’ve ever had. The bathroom was hard to find. I hope Nathan moves to Toronto instead of some city where I’m not living. That’s not much of a story.

~ Yesterday was the first time we hit peak hours sardine on the streetcar and subway. It wasn’t so bad. Though I wish I’d brought my portable recorder to catch a few of the inane conversations going on around us. I think that might be a project of mine when I move here. Streetcar field recordings. We did see a woman in a zebra-stripe mu-mu and a full-on crisply dressed rube-boy pimp. That’s not much of a story.

~ Lake Ontario is very flat. It doesn’t look like an ocean. It looks like a huge diorama of an ocean. That, the smog, several Speedos, the naked child with passed out grandpa duo, and the smokestacks lining it made it pretty much the creepiest beach I’ve ever been to. Also it was jesus mother of unholy fuckers hot. That’s not much of a story.

~ The dog here, Mishka, is bonkers. She’s a border collie / lab mutt puppy who doesn’t get as much attention as she’d please. Yesterday, while we were having coffee with Nicole’s friend, Danielle, in the kitchen, the dog, in ninja-like stealth, left a ringer on the living room table. And another upstairs somewhere and pissed in front of the door after refusing to go when taken into the yard. She also ate the crotch out of my boxers the night before. I now have a plaid flannel kilt. That’s kind of a good story.


10 Responses to TO trip, part 3. Not much of a story.

  1. pandorsalfin says:

    I’m not so happy about everyone moving to Toronto. I’m going to miss you :(.

  2. johnnysega says:

    Plaid flannel kilts are hot

  3. mollyroyal says:

    we were thinking about doing something on saturday night. would you and nicole be interested?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s my last night in town so I think we’re going to stay in and gaze into each other’s eyes. But I’ll be back in a couple of months and I insist we do something then. INSIST.

  4. nathandrama says:

    when i was little i got sick from swimming in lake ontario.
    on a clear day (unlikely this time of year with the smog) you can see my hometown across the lake from toronto.

  5. atrophe says:

    Toronto is still on the list of cities I could move to, and the others are still likely to be within flying distance

    also when going to the airport I hit that peak subway time, real fun with a bulky backpack

    • mrdapper says:

      yeah, there was a guy on the trolley with an upright bass on Queen at peak time the other day. I felt bad for him. He seemed lost in his iPod though.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Last Temptation in Kensington Market has good cheap breakfast…just so you know!


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