TO trip, part 2: uglier / prettier

~ People in Toronto are much uglier than I assumed. I suppose it’s because people grow-up and stay in Toronto instead of being a city populated by “pretty” people who were too ambitious for the small towns they’re from. I think in the past three days I’ve seen maybe five “attractive” people on the street. It makes for a more comfortable urban experience. Toronto is much more normal and day-to-day than I expected. It doesn’t have a buzz or an energy or a hardness like most other cities I’ve visited which I really expected it to — a particularly pretentious vibe that seems to be missing. Instead, it has the feel of a colony of people just going about their lives without any more or any less expectation of happiness or failure than anywhere else. 

Conversely, I also expected the city itself to be uglier. But there’s tree-lined streets everywhere and quite a few parks and public green-spaces. Toronto’s reputation for being a bleak slab of concrete is somewhat undeserved — at least in summer. 

My expectations of a grey concrete and chrome metropolis populated by pretentious, beautiful automaton robots is somewhat destroyed. Instead I’m developing the impression Toronto is less a city as it is dozens of interconnected small towns (neighborhoods) creating a giant cosmopolitan hive of regular, everyday people living their lives in a relative contented happiness. 


11 Responses to TO trip, part 2: uglier / prettier

  1. Anonymous says:

    what you say is true, in the summer.
    you really need to go to Yorkville though to see the beautiful rich people.

  2. ratboyrich says:

    Jake is too discerning. Being a beautiful person himself, he fails to see beauty in the average person.

    Ps, Toronto may have a few nice neighbourhoods, but it’s still a shithole.

  3. i felt like toronto had too much money for its own good. i like broke cities. it is waaay greener than montreal. but the days that you can’t see the cn tower feel pretty creepy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Go to a few shows, and the pretentious people will come out of the woodwork.

    you would not believe how many bands there are in TO who have hired a manager but have never played a gig.


    • mrdapper says:

      Yeah there was this one customer in the one record store I’ve gone into that was quint pretentious. He was hilarious. There’s pretentious people everywhere. But no more than in Nanaimo even. I just expected the bar to visibly raised here.

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