TO trip, part 1

~ I am in Toronto in what is apparently a slightly ghetto neighborhood. It is, in fact, 128% less ghetto than my neighborhood in Nanaimo. Though the ice-cream truck from Stephen King’s It did just drive by. Nicole and  are goingto a BBQ at KatMatt‘s house tonight. Apparently we’re supposed to acquire a watermelon for this. 

~ One of the WestJet “owners” on my fight yesterday freaked out because she thought my hand-held digital audio recorder was a tazer. I will admit, it really does. I recorded the exchange.

~ Nicole has a very nice penis.


7 Responses to TO trip, part 1

  1. mollyroyal says:

    what part are you in? seriously, you might be next door to me.

  2. mollyroyal says:

    wait did katherine just tell you today to get a watermelon?

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah. it was the last one! this other dude got to there a second too late and hovered around hoping we’d decide to put it back.

  3. johnnysega says:

    Good work on that penis.

  4. charenton_ says:

    Where’s the post with the audio recording?

    Glad to hear the penis was up to your expectations.

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