~ The sound my flat-soled Doc Martens make, I as I sprint down a gravel road in the grey-blue moonlight, to catch the last ferry off Gabriola, is the sound of two dictionaries being slammed together. 

~ The sound my harmonica makes as it hits the floor of the CHLY studio, where I forget about it and it probably still sits underneath the console desk, is the sound of a tin measuring cup landing on a linoleum kitchen floor early in the afternoon.

~ The sound of the young woman‘s voice on the street below my window, wide open in the dark  june heat, is the sound of an animal, full of frustrated anger, in a cage being poked with sticks by children full of curious wonder.

~ The sound of people typing emails to clients and loved ones, in a rare moment of office silence, is the sound of someone juggling Chicklets in their mouth behind you ina nearly empty movie theatre while waiting for the show to start.

~ The sound of Die Schadenfreude, at practice, is the sound of a giant fun-fur covered machine grinding itself into sawdust.


15 Responses to Sounds

  1. pandorsalfin says:

    I wish you had stayed, but thank you for coming all the same. 🙂 Your macro photos crack me up for some reason. Close-ups of meat??

  2. ratboyrich says:

    this reminds me of the movie Mask where Stoltz is macking on the blind chick.

  3. aporia says:

    did i name your band?

    • mrdapper says:

      I think I was aware of the word before meeting you… But I recall you bringing further into my consciousness at some point… so probably… or did you mean because of that period post break-up where you were delighting in my misery?

      • aporia says:

        i didn’t think i had introduced the word to you… but it did occur to me recently that i had used the word in that post in reference to you… coupled with your repeated reference to my comment on fun-fur covered diaries with little locks.

      • mrdapper says:

        It’s true, I do use your post as a “show review” in my Urbane Decay press-kit. Except for personel, DSF really has nothing to do with Urbane Decay at all though.

      • aporia says:

        i hope you mean select quotes and not the entire psychoanalysis

      • mrdapper says:

        I gave you a pen-name.

      • aporia says:

        i hope it was a thinly-veiled insult.

        when do i get to see this?

      • mrdapper says:

        It’s the oh so esoteric “CD.” I don’t think I have any copies left.

      • aporia says:

        ha! i wish i’d had the foresight to write in that post that you’re the kind of person to turn around and print my scathing remarks in your cd. i underestimated you.

        i don’t even remember what i said but i don’t think it was very nice

      • mrdapper says:

        I thought it was a pretty fucking wild post. Once I got over feeling bad about upsetting you, I found it quite amusing and pretty accurate. And including a “rebuttle” to my modus operandi seemed like the next logical progression in the project. The coup de grace, if you will.

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