Death, Socks and Pine Cones

~ On the walk to the Legion yesterday I saw some important things. The sidewalk beside the park was littered with the carcasses of dead wasps. Somebody doesn’t like wasps very much and found an efficient way of killing them en masse. They were so efficient about it the sidewalk was also littered with the shriveled corpses of bumble bees. Somebody doesn’t like bees very much either.

Later, I saw an ankle sock with pine cone stuck in it propped up against a telephone pole. It was quite deliberately done and I wondered to what ends this action was taken. I pondered, as I walked past this tableau, what kind of person would take the time to stick a pine cone in an ankle sock and then leave it propped up, in a very lonely and abandoned looking pose, against a telephone pole. I wondered if it was a signal left by a lover for another lover revealing a meeting place for a tryst — meet me by the telephone pole at the soccer field on Pine Street. I also wondered if some had stolen the sock from someone they admired, had ejaculated into it and then stuffed it with a pine cone to mask their shame.


13 Responses to Death, Socks and Pine Cones

  1. atrophe says:

    maybe they were trying to breed a pineman

  2. Anonymous says:

    HA, some interesting scenerios you came up with pun intended…being that men have this thing with ejaculating into socks id say you are on to something there…the pinecones? im stumped there…lordy, i cant seem to dodge all these puns…ha xxx

  3. As we kill the bees who are born sick we wonder why babys are born unable to hold there heads up and never know who their mothers are.

  4. Jakob Rehlinger, where EXACTLY did you see these dead bees and wasps? Eric Anderson and I need them.

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